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Branded Umbrellas London

Branded Umbrellas London

Branded Umbrellas London

As discussed in many of our previous blogs, the use of branded umbrellas in the city centre is a marketers dream. Simply put, the sheer concentration of people offers a disproportionately increased opportunity to have your logo or brand seen by an ever expanding audience. A capital city such as London only serves to increase the potential marketing impacts ten fold.

Whilst the marketing potential is beyond doubt, there are however differing views on which type of umbrellas are most appropriate for crowded spaces.

A Branded Golf umbrella would without doubt afford the best protection against the elements, they have the largest canopy and the largest branding area, so on the surface appear to offer the best solution. However, anybody walking down a busy high street on a wet day will find it not only a tricky prospect to manoeuvre, but will most likely be met with derision should you happen accidentally poke somebody with it!. 

In order to avoid these issues, we need to dial the canopy size down a notch or two which takes us to the Walking or Telescopic umbrella options.

Either are perfectly acceptable. Many walking sized city umbrellas offer that traditional wood crook handle which only adds to the aesthetics, together with a good sized canopy to display your logo or message.

Telescopic umbrellas offer even more flexibility in that they can be folded down and carried around in a handbag or briefcase. 

The options are far and wide, and with the huge stocks held our Manchester warehouse, we are confident that we will be able to find the right choice for you.

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