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Umbrella Printing... it's what we do!

Umbrella Printing

As one of the main suppliers of printed umbrellas in the UK, we have many, many years of experience in doing just that...umbrella printing, which is why we consider ourselves to be experts!

The initial stage in the process of printing an umbrella is the design. Knowing exactly how you would want the finished article to look is integral to the whole process. To this end, we offer a free design and proofing service which helps us to achieve exactly that.

Once this is complete, we are furnished with the knowledge of which umbrella you need, and how it needs to be printed.

The very basic process of printing an umbrella is called screen printing. This style of printing is ideal for a logos printed in 1 or 2 colours. It suits an off the shelf umbrella (although not limited too this), and can be completed with the minimum of fuss at an attractive price.

Umbrella Printing - screen printing processUmbrella Printing - The screen printing process revealed

More complex designs need a more complex process. Where a more intricate corporate logo or design is required, we move the whole process onto either digital or soft feel printing. Essentially this allows us to print the whole panel before the umbrellas are stitched and then pieced together, allowing an all over design to be achieved offering stunning results.

When this process is combined with the many optional extras on models such as the ProBrella Golf Umbrella- with the miriad of different pole colours, tips or the many optional handles on offer, the resulting umbrella can be really quite outstanding.


Whilst this information can seem quite alien the the casual umbrella buyer, there is no need to worry as our team of umbrella printing experts are on hand to help you through the whole process from start to finish.

Please feel to call us on 0800-085--5553 to discuss your promotional umbrella requirements further. are one of premier corporate umbrella suppliers shipping daily throughout the UK and Europe.