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Vented Golf Umbrellas - ideal for windy conditions

Vented Golf Umbrellas are a very popular style to order as a corporate umbrella. For those who aren't sure what a vent in an umbrella is, let me explain.

Vented golf umbrellas - the perfect corporate umbrellas?

The very notion of a vented umbrella is usually met with shock swiftly followed by a number of questions. "A hole in the canopy of the umbrella? what on earth for? and won't that just let the rain in?" All valid questions on the face of it, but the vent serves a very specific purpose all which are about to be revealed.

As you might already know, a printed golf umbrella is made up of 8 segments of material, or panels as we like to call them, and arranged in the colours that are best suited to your logo or band. Each panel is a full piece of material, each of which is sewn together to create the canopy. This is where the vented umbrellas are slightly different.

On for example an umbrella like the Cyclone Auto Vented Golf umbrella, one of our popular vented golf umbrellas, each panel is split into 2 pieces of material. There is the bottom layer and the top layer, which are sewn in such a way to overlap each other to prevent any rain penetrating the canopy. The purpose of the gap is to decrease the pressure within the canopy that might be caused by a strong wind, by allowing some of the air to flow through the vents. This then in turn helps to  prevent the canopy inverting or blowing inside out.

Another misconception is that a storm proof umbrellas with fibreglass ribs have failed once it has blown inside out. The reality is that storm proof umbrellas are designed in a way that rather than the frame breaking due to the immense pressure a strong wind can exert on in, the canopy inverts, but is easily pinged back into position to carry on its normal function as an umbrella. Lesser frames or some cheaper models made of steel or other materials can be damaged beyond repair in this instance.

So now you know! As well a more banding opportunities, and the extra longevity, perhaps now it is worth looking into using vented golf umbrellas for your next corporate umbrella or promotion.

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