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Corporate Umbrellas - a great way to advertise your business

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When the the phrase corporate umbrellas is banded around, you start to imagine high rise, glass fronted skyscrapers and business people rushing around under an umbrella in a city centre. To some extent this paints a fairly accurate picture, especially in places like the city of London and other major UK cities such as Manchester or Birmingham.

Corporate Umbrellas

For many years large corporations such as banks and insurance companies have used promotional umbrellas to attract and retain major clients, whist gaining exposure thanks to the large branding area that is available with umbrellas. 

For corporations, giving an umbrella as a promotional gift offers the recipient a tangible useful every day item with a high perceived value, as well as the free brand exposure mentioned earlier. For the customer or recipient...well, who doesn't want to receive a free umbrella? Much better than a a printed pen I'm sure you will agree.

Our Corporate Umbrella range covers all bases. From the ubiquitous compact folding umbrella with the black curved handle which is highly popular in crowded areas, to the traditional looking wood crook handle range synonymous with the city gentleman or lady look. 

Our range is ideal for that city business or company who is looking to expose their brand further. With model to suit all budgets, we are sure to have something for you.

Whichever model you choose, our Corporate Umbrella range is sure to have you covered. Now is the time to take a closer look at our range. 


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