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Corporate umbrellas for advertising

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Umbrellas are a necessity when you live in a rainy climate. But they can also be walking advertisements for your company if you invest in customised corporate umbrellas. In this blog, we'll look at how businesses of all sizes can use branded umbrellas to subtly market themselves around town.

The Benefits of Corporate Umbrellas

  • Constant visibility - People use umbrellas when it's raining, giving your brand continuous exposure even in bad weather. Your logo is displayed wherever they go.
  • Affordable marketing - High quality custom umbrellas are surprisingly affordable, especially compared to other promotional items. They provide constant advertising at a low cost.
  • Conversation piece - Unique branded umbrellas stand out and spark conversations about your business. People may ask "Where did you get that umbrella?"
  • Customer appreciation - Umbrellas make great gifts or giveaways for clients, getting your name directly into customers' hands.

Choosing the Right Umbrella

  • Size - Consider compact folding umbrellas or large golf umbrellas depending on who will use them.
  • Color - Pick a color that matches your brand identity and will pop against gray rainy days.
  • Logo placement - The canopy is the┬áprime real estate for your logo.
  • Quality - Don't skimp on quality. A sturdy corporate umbrella will be used for years, giving you lasting brand impressions.

Promoting Your Umbrellas

  • Giveaways - Hand out branded umbrellas at company events, trade shows, etc. Require an email address to grow your marketing list.
  • Employee uniforms - Provide staff with corporate umbrellas featuring your logo for rainy days. You'll turn every employee into a mobile advertisement.
  • Incentives - Give away umbrellas to loyal customers when they make a big purchase or refer new customers. They'll appreciate the gift.

Don't let rainy days stop your marketing efforts. Take advantage of customizable corporate umbrellas to promote your brand across the city. People will stay dry while discovering your business.

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