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Corporate Umbrellas: The Benefits of Vented Golf Umbrellas

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When it comes to Corporate umbrellas, the vented golf umbrella is a popular choice for many businesses. Not only does the vented canopy add a perceived value to the product, but it also increases the practicality of the umbrella, making it a great choice for those who want to protect their clients or customers from the elements.

What is a Vented Golf Umbrella?

Vented Golf Umbrella

A vented golf umbrella has two canopies, with the top canopy overlapping the bottom canopy. The wind can pass through this overlap, which releases the pressure generated by the wind under the canopy. This pressure is what causes strain on the umbrella ribs, which can lead to bending or, in the case of lower quality steel rib umbrellas, breaking. By allowing the air to flow through the canopy, the release of pressure makes the umbrella easier to hold in strong winds and less likely to turn inside out in extreme weather.

Customize Your Vented Golf Umbrella

While many vented umbrellas come in stock colors, you can also customize the canopy with bespoke colors or full digital printing, just like a standard canopy.

Top Picks for Vented Golf Umbrellas

Here at Promotional Umbrellas, we recommend the Cyclone as the best stock vented golf umbrella. This high-quality automatic opening umbrella comes in popular stock colors and can be printed with any logo. If you prefer a canopy in your own choice of colors, or even Pantone matched or with a full canopy print, then we recommend the Atlantic Storm.

Choose Your Golf Umbrella Today

Visit our golf umbrellas page here to find the umbrella that suits your business best. Contact us, and we can provide a quote for supplying your chosen umbrella with a vented canopy and your custom design. Our Corporate Umbrellas have got you covered.

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