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Personalised Umbrellas - stand out in the rain!

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Promotional are one of the UK's favourite suppliers of bespoke personalised umbrellas.

Personalised umbrellas

Quite simply put, we understand everything relating to umbrellas and are perfectly positioned to advise you or your company on how to achieve the perfect umbrella for you next marketing project or event,

If is a well known fact that umbrellas are one of the best received gifts available on the Promotional Merchandise market today. Clearly they are one of the more expensive giveaways, however the life span is exponentially longer than say an expensive pen for example. Whilst pens are one of the UK's favourite hand outs, once the ink is finished, 99 times our of 100 so is the pen!

A good personalised umbrella can be used for many years offering the lucky recipient hundreds if not thousands of drenched free days, evens when the weather turns sour. In places such as the UK and Northern Europe that can be a god send, however when the weather does take a turn for the worse, that can mean FREE extra advertising for the business printed on the umbrella itself. It is quite simply the gift that keeps on giving!.

Stand out in the rain

Our printed umbrellas are catagorised under 3 distinct headings. Golf, Walking and Compact sizes with a separate genre of Parasols. With a plethora of different colours and customisation options available, we are confident that we can find the prefect personalised umbrellas for your next event or marketing campaign.

Feel free to browse our website or call 0800 085 5553 to speak to one of our friendly experts for more advice.


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