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Promotional Brollies - multiple names the same great product!

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Promotional Umbrellas are often called different names, whether this is a geographical, gender or a generational thing. From Promotional Brollies or Promotional Brolly, we have to be aware in this digital age what people call them and therefore know what they are typing into search engines. Whilst we try to make ourselves a visible as possible to potential new customers, it is not always possible to cover every base. At Promotional Umbrellas we receive a lot of new business through recommendations, as well as advertising and people finding our site on the internet.

In our position is often difficult to predict the thought processes of our customers, particularly new customers who might be looking at ordering promotional umbrellas (or brollies!) for the first time. The first point of contact with our customers is usually our website, so we have tried to make this as user friendly as possible by separating the different types of brollies and then including a short description on the category page for each brolly. We have also recognised that many customers will get to our website just knowing the umbrella colour they want, so we have included a key to each picture on the category pages, showing the colours each brolly is available in.

From the point of view of manufacturers, we differentiate on promotional brolly size and then promotional brolly quality. Whilst this is a good starting point we are more and more aware that customers may not have this starting point. We hope that our new website helps our potential customers to sort through the brolly or umbrella options available. It is always our desire to make it abundantly clear that we are always available for advice. Visit our website by clicking on this link, PROMOTIONAL UMBRELLAS and either choose the promotional brollies you want, or give us a call on our freephone number 0800 085 5553.

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