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Promotional Upside Down Umbrella - an exciting new concept?

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The promotional Upside Down Umbrella is an innovative and highly practical promotional gift.

In a world where the consumer is looking for different, practical and stylish, if you can identify that desired products and associate your brand with it you are onto a winner.

Promotional Upside Down Umbrella

Also known as the Inside Out Umbrella, the design of the Upside Down Umbrella means the opening and closing of the umbrella is in reverse.

The benefits of this are 4 fold. Water is trapped inside the umbrella so when folded down it does not escape, thus not allowing the water to wet the floor of the building you enter or your car. The design means the reverse folding makes it more convenient to get into a car. Finally the umbrella can be stood up independently, again due to the reverse closing.

As you can see from the images, the added bonus is that this model has a double canopy which adds that extra touch of quality. The outside is black and there are 4 internal colour options.

Promotional Upside Down Umbrella

The quality of the promotional Upside Down Umbrella is fantastic, a fibreglass storm proof frame and a C-shaped handle for hands free use.

Overall we feel that this is an exciting concept...will it catch on? only time will tell but in the meantime it is sure to stand out.

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