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Susino Golf Fibre Light Umbrella - stunning value

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The Susino Golf Fibre Light Umbrella is a staggeringly inexpensive storm proof golf umbrella.

The fibreglass ribs give the canopy the flexibility needed to stand up to strong winds. Other umbrellas at the same price point and in some cases more expensive have steel ribs which lack the flexibility needed to be storm proof. There is no competition if you are looking for the most cost effective branded golf umbrella.

The outstanding value the Susino Golf Fibre Light offers has made it one of our best selling models.

It is available from our UK stocks in 7 colourways at what we believe to be the best prices available on the UK promotional market. Our cutting edge printing processes mean you will get the very best print technique available for your logo.

The combination of getting high quality at a budget golf umbrella price as well as the great colourway choice means the Susino Golf Fibre Light Umbrella is a game changer in the promotional golf umbrella market. Here at Promotional Umbrellas we recognise this and price the umbrella accordingly.

The Susino Golf Fibre Light Umbrella can be ordered by clicking here or call one of our experts for more details.



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