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The Deco Storm Golf Umbrella - the advertising power of 10!

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The Deco Storm Golf Umbrella is Promotional Umbrellas newest and most exciting introduction to the promotional umbrella market. There is plenty to be excited about, and plenty of reasons to think that it this umbrella could take the promotional umbrella market by a storm.
The Deco Golf Umbrella By Promotional Umbrellas

The important factors when comparing a new product with the established market leaders – being quality, versatility, practicality and of course price – seem to be covered by the Deco Storm Golf Umbrella. It is without doubt a high quality storm proof umbrella which compares to all of the established quality golf umbrella currently offered. 
The Deco differs from the competition as it has 10 panels, this adds to the quality and strength as the more ribs give added strength. An added bonus is the extra branding area the 10 panels provide, no small issue in the promotional market where advertising impact and product differentiation are the holy grail.
The Deco Storm is held in stock at Promotional Umbrellas in a range of 10 colourways, which cover all of the most popular choices. It is the fact that the umbrellas are stocked already made up which provides us with the most shocking fact about the Deco Storm Golf Umbrella, the price. Available from 25 units, the Deco Storm costs under £10 per unit printed to 1 panel. This makes what is a very high quality storm proof umbrella cheaper than most mid-range models.
At Promotional Umbrellas we think the Deco Storm Golf Umbrella is a game changer. Simply put, if you want a storm proof golf umbrella in any of the available 10 colours – Black, white, yellow PMS 102c, orange PMS 172c, red PMS 187c, green pms 567c, royal blue pms 293c, navy blue PMS 296c, burgundy PMS 504c, grey PMS 445c – then stop looking as you will not get a better quality or better value umbrella than the Deco Storm Golf Umbrella.
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