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The Stunning Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella- make a statement in the rain!

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The Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella makes a statement in a big way.

We often tell our customers that a good way to decide on which umbrella model to choose is to ask yourself, will the recipient replace an umbrella they already have with your umbrella? When it comes to the Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella, the answer is a resounding YES!

Never before has a stock umbrella looked more bespoke.

The stunning digitally printed inner canopy is extremely striking and adds the extra quality and as such attracts significantly more attention that customers are often looking for in a promotional umbrella. Usually this kind of design and print comes at a high price, but as the Deluxe Inner Rain is a stock umbrella the price does not reflect the quality and print the umbrella offers. When it comes to a perceived value higher than the real price, this umbrella takes home the prize.

Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella

A storm proof full fibreglass frame with a superior polyester pongee canopy provide a very high quality feel to the Deluxe Inner Rain. The umbrella is auto opening with a extremely nice rubber coated crook handle with a silver button to open the canopy. Everything about the Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella is high quality.

As with all of our umbrellas we do not charge any set up or delivery to UK mainland addresses. But, with the Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella no matter how many colours are in your logo, you will only pay as if it is a 1 colour logo. All prints are unlimited colours at no extra cost!

Whether you're looking for your first promotional umbrellas or considering changing your current corporate umbrellas, we recommend considering the stunning Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella.


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