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Unique Promotional Umbrellas - we offer that little bit more

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As a specialist corporate umbrella supplier, one of our challenges is to show our potential customers why we are different from the suppliers.

On the face of it, it would seem all the different companies offering you what look like the same or similar umbrellas are no different from each other. I will explain why at Promotional Umbrellas we are not only different from other suppliers, but better. 

Unlike 95% of our competitors, we actually hold stock and print umbrellas in-house. The vast majority of alternative umbrella suppliers are re-sellers of a product they pay a trade printer to supply and print. This means, not only do they do not see the umbrellas they supply you, they may never have even seen the product they are selling.

The reason for this is that umbrellas are just one of hundreds if not thousands of products they sell, from pens, to mugs, to clothing. We believe that product knowledge is essential to the process.

Would you buy a car from someone who has never even seen it and cannot offer basic details about it? Obviously not. We differentiate ourselves because we know about all of our umbrellas in great detail. This result is supplying our customers with the best umbrella for their needs and design requirements.

In-house production is key to not only offering the best umbrellas for our customers, but also total control of production quality and times.

Of the 40 umbrellas is our basic range on our website, 31 are printed in our factory in Manchester. The remaining 9 are umbrellas that we feel fit into our range as they offer something different from our stock range. These umbrellas are models that we have huge knowledge and experience of, so we can confidently sell them.

Whilst you may find some of these 9 on other suppliers sites, they are amongst many other models and product knowledge is often lacking. In short we know carefully select the umbrellas we sell, and we know what differentiates them from other models.

We feel this is key to offering our customers the best service and products.

Whilst we can demonstrate the highest product knowledge in the business and show why our range is carefully selected and we don't just put any umbrella we can sell on our website, we are fully aware that price is always a huge factor.

We pride ourselves is gaining repeat business, and whilst we are very confident customers are very pleased with the final products we know we have to be the best value to gain repeat business as well and attracting new customers. Whilst many of our umbrellas are unique to our range, we try to show on our website that these models often offer much better value than similar alternatives. Where we are offering models that are widely available such as the ProBrella, we make sure we are highly competitive. We buy in volume, so can pass on the discounts we gain.

In summary the key elements that differentiate Promotional Umbrellas from any other UK based umbrella supplier are product choice, product knowledge, over 90% in-house production so you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Specialising in umbrellas means we care about the product, and are at the sharp end in new products and print processes.

Have a look at our umbrella range on our website, and call or email us for expert advice.


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