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What are the best umbrellas for the golf course?

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What are the best umbrellas for the golf course?
This is a question we regularly get asked by customers whether they are ordering for a company golf day with their logo printed on the umbrella or they are ordering plain umbrellas for a golf club or personal use. At  Promotional Umbrellas we have vast experience of hundreds of different umbrella models, some of which we highly recommend and some which we believe are not particularly suited to the specific demands of the golfer.
The possibilities can be initially split into two specific sections, vented and standard canopy. I will by the end of this article select one from each category that I believe to be the best option for golfers, taking into account the specific requirements golfers have and then from these two pick what we believe to be the best umbrella for the golf course.
The standard canopy has a huge number of options, so we can initially reduce this by saying that a golf umbrella has to be truly storm proof. We therefore will not consider any model that does not have a full fibreglass frame. Of the full fibreglass frame options I have selected 3 from our range, the  Pro Brella Golf Umbrella, the  Sheffield Sports Golf Umbrella and the  Deco Storm Golf Umbrella. Of three three the Pro Brella and Sheffield are made up to order by us from our stock panel colours, and the Deco is held in stock in a range of 10 colours. This does rule the Deco out if you need a specific colour or colour combination that is not in the range, but for reasons that I will explain we cannot rule the Deco out when we are looking for the very best umbrella for the golf course. Let us start with the fact that all three of these umbrellas are very high quality storm proof umbrellas. Of the three the Pro Brella is the most expensive and has touches such as rubber finger grips, integrated spring loaded tip holder etc that do justify the higher price – the question is are these touches what golfers are looking for, or are they just nice extra? Our experience tells us that the Pro Brella is very well received by golfers, they love the quality but the extra touches are rarely mentioned. The Sheffield is a very similar design the Pro Brella but without the little extras, this brings the price down and our feedback tells us that is almost as well received as the Pro Brella, Finally we have the Deco – this is a relative newcomer in that it has been on the market a couple of years as opposed to the other options which are around 10 years on the market. The Deco is significantly cheaper than the other two models, is the same high quality but has one added advantage, it has 10 panels rather than 8 so has extra ribs. This makes the umbrella stronger and also differentiates it from other model in terms of the look. Our feedback and experience tells us the best standard canopy umbrella for the golf course is the DECO STORM GOLF UMBRELLA.
The vented canopy options are more limited but we still have three main contenders, the  Pro Brella Vented Golf Umbrella, the  Sheffield Sports Vented Golf Umbrella and the  Supervent Golf Umbrella. All three again are extremely high quality. The first two are as described above, but with the vented canopy. To give a short explanation of the benefits of the vented canopy, the vents allow the pressure the wind creates under the canopy to be released so making it less likely the canopy will invert. Clearly this is a benefit on the golf course, so they already have an advantage over the standard canopy models. Again taking into account all the important factors for golfers we have a clear winner. The SUPERVENT GOLF UMBRELLA is the model most preferred by golfers. It does not have the refinements of the other two vented options, but it has amazing strength and practicality. In addition to this is has one other major advantage in that the rubber golf grip handle fits into umbrella holders on buggies and trolleys. This is a major plus point that we regularly gain positive feedback on from recipients of the Supervent.
Supervent Golf Umbrella
 We are down to two contenders for the title of the best golf umbrella for the golf course, the Deco Storm Sport and the Supervent. Both of these models are of a very high standard and ideally suited to the demands of the golf course, so the real choice is which you prefer the look of, but if we pick one then the Supervent is the winner for us. The extreme strength and the fact that it is designed to fit into the trolley/buggy umbrella holder just edges it.  THE  SUPERVENT GOLF UMBRELLA IS THE BEST UMBRELLA FOR THE GOLF COURSE
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