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3 Metre Windsor Wooden Printed Parasols

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At Promotional Umbrellas we supply and print a wide range of parasols, starting at a minimum order quantity of just one unit. In the last couple of years we have experience a major increase in sales for our 3m parasols. We have found that many customers ordering the 3m parasols have previously been priced out of the market and settled for smaller, less expensive models. We had already recognised the huge price difference between 2m and 3m models and tackled the issue.

Our 3m Windsor Wooden Parasols and 3m Mayfair Aluminium Parasols have been priced to make them affordable to the vast majority of our potential customers. As a result of this we have experienced a surge in orders and a lot of happy customers!

The 3 metre Windsor Wooden Parasol is a very high quality Indonesian Hardwood frame parasol. Oversized ribs giving more strength than the standard promotional parasols on the market, and a high quality 180gsm polyester canopy are the instantly noticeable features that make the Windsor Parasols a cut above other models. Other significant features include a fade and water resistant canopy and an extended screw connector give stability to the parasol.

Particularly true with the 3m Windsor Parasol is the very high perceived value, whilst in reality our policy of making them affordable to as many customers as possible means the actual cost is much lower. Available from stock in 8 colours and the option on higher quantities to colour match an all over print, the 3m Windsor Wooden Parasol is a high quality, affordable and versatile parasol that is suitable for all kinds of business settings. Our customers for this model include breweries, pubs, bars, events organisers, coffee shops and charities, and orders range from one parasols to hundreds. Lead times are from 2 weeks. 

Any of our parasols can be ordered at our online shop, and we are always available to offer advice on any of our parasols and umbrellas.

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