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Fantastic Value Windproof Mini Sports Folding Umbrella

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The Mini Sports Folding Umbrella is a great value folding umbrella. This umbrella is unrivalled in terms of the quality you are getting for the price. There is no other folding umbrella with fibreglass ribs that can come close to this umbrella on price.

We often get customers looking for a cheap folding telescopic branded umbrella. More than any other type of umbrella, if you go with the cheapest model you get low quality. The delicate nature of the folding umbrella, in that it has folding ribs means low quality steel or aluminium ribs give you very little strength. The Mini Sports Folding Umbrella has part fibreglass ribs so they are stronger and much more flexible. This strength and flexibility allows the umbrella to withstand much more wind and impact without the frame breaking. This gives a much longer lifetime for the umbrellas when compared to slightly cheaper but much lower quality alternatives. Longer life = better value and more advertising exposure.

The perceived value of the Mini Sports Folding Umbrella is significantly higher than the true cost. A stylish handle and high build quality mean the Mini Sports Folding Umbrella is a great branded umbrella, and a gift the recipient will keep and use for a long time.

At Promotional Umbrellas we place great importance on giving our customers choice as well and value for money. Where possible we stock as many colourways as possible, and the Mini Sports Folding Umbrella is a great example of this. There is a choice of a huge 16 colourways held in stock, meaning the Mini Sports Folding gives the best colour choice of any of our stock umbrellas. We stock this many colours as this umbrella is such great value that we have such huge demand. The Mini Sports Folding is purchased by the widest range of customer of any of our branded umbrellas. To name a few; accountants, hairdressers, solicitors, estate agents, fashion designers, sports clubs, pubs and bars, shops and schools.

Have a look at the Mini Sports Folding Umbrella by clicking here. As with all of our promotional umbrellas, we provide the very highest quality print processes and fast lead times. Quantities from 25 units mean we can supply umbrellas for any customers needs. Call us on 0800-085-5553 for further details.

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