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Autumn Marketing: 5 Reasons Promotional Umbrellas Are Perfect For Autumnal Promotions

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The leaves are starting to change, the air is getting cooler, and autumn is on its way. For savvy marketers, this time of year presents ample opportunities to connect with customers and promote your brand using promotional umbrellas.

  1. Umbrellas Provide Practical Value During the rainy fall months, umbrellas go from nice to have to absolute necessity. By providing customers with umbrellas printed with your branding, you give them something they can use everyday while keeping your business top of mind.
  2. Visibility When opened, umbrellas offer incredible visibility for your logo and messaging. Unlike items kept in pockets or bags, umbrellas keep your brand front and center whenever customers are out and about in the rain.
  3. Low Cost, High Impact Items Getting custom umbrellas made with your branding is surprisingly affordable, making them one of the most cost-effective promotional products around. The high usefulness and visibility leads to maximum brand impressions.
  4. Great Giveaway or mailer Item Umbrellas work perfectly as giveaways at Autumn marketing events and can be easily mailed to customers as well. Their small size keeps shipping costs down but their immense usefulness makes them appreciated keepsakes.
  5. Unexpected and Appreciated Unlike expected promotional items like pens and mugs, branded umbrellas are unique and catch people happily by surprise. The unexpected usefulness and quality makes them promotional items people cherish.

This Autumn, keep your brand visible and in customer hands by adding custom umbrellas printed with your logo to your marketing mix. They are affordable, useful, and deliver the impressions you need.

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