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Personalised Umbrellas - Unique accessory for your marketing mix

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Personalised Umbrellas: A Unique Accessory

Umbrellas have come a long way from their original utilitarian purpose of simply keeping us dry. Today, umbrellas are seen as a fashion accessory that allows us to express our personal style. One unique umbrella trend that has emerged in recent years is custom printed umbrellas.

These umbrellas feature custom designs or photographs printed directly onto the fabric. While plain black umbrellas used to be the norm, now people carry umbrellas plastered with colourful graphics, artistic patterns or whatever creative design they can imagine frothier business.

The process for creating a customised umbrella typically starts with choosing a design or image you want printed. This could be a company logo,or an artistic creation. The image file is then sent to a printing company that specialises in printing on umbrella fabric such as ourselves. Using a high-quality digital printing process, the image gets printed directly onto panels of the umbrella fabric. The printed panels are then assembled into the ribs and canopy of a regular umbrella frame.

Custom printed umbrellas first became popular as creative promotional giveaways for businesses, bands, events, etc. But now many everyday consumers are ordering custom umbrellas for personal use. The umbrellas make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, or just because.

While plain umbrellas all look alike, a printed umbrella helps the owner put their unique stamp on a practical item they use every day. The designs on custom umbrellas reflect people's interests, hobbies, values and personality.

Of course, some important factors to consider are the quality of the printing and materials used. You want an umbrella that will hold up well to sun, rain, and wind without the image fading or peeling off. And the umbrella should still function properly, providing ample coverage and collapsing easily when not in use.

Custom printed umbrellas let people turn a bland accessory into a walking billboard for their passions. The printed umbrellas show off what makes someone special in a practical item they have with them whenever they're out and about in the rain.

So next time a storm rolls in, you may want to stand out from the plain black umbrella crowd with your own printed umbrella that expresses who your business is. The personalised umbrellas are a unique way to accessorise with your own custom style and get you marketing message across in the best possible fashion.

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