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Promoting Your Brand with Branded Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a ubiquitous accessory used by millions when rain strikes. But did you know that umbrellas also present excellent branding opportunities for businesses? Custom printed umbrellas are a smart way to literally spread your brand name far and wide.

When your brand logo, name, or slogan is printed large and bold on umbrellas, you turn ordinary people into walking advertisements for your company. Printed umbrellas are visible wherever people travel during rainstorms. The ample space on an open umbrella allows your branding to be seen by countless passersby.

Why not consider giving out complimentary branded umbrellas to your employees. When your team is out and about around town with umbrellas advertising your brand, it generates valuable exposure. The umbrellas also serve as functional gifts your staff may use for years, reminding them of their connection to your organisation.

For events, why not have custom umbrellas printed with event names, dates, and imagery. Attendees will appreciate the useful branded freebie. Any time it rains post-event, your branding gets a boost. The same goes for having branded umbrellas at your company booth at trade shows and expos.

With endless designs and colour choices for logos and messages, it's easy to create branded umbrellas which aligned with your organisation's corporate guidelines . 

The next time stormy skies are forecast, don't dread the rain - embrace it as a chance to spread brand awareness with promotional umbrellas. Just a few umbrellas can create far-reaching, long-lasting brand exposure.

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