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Get your brand noticed with a Promotional Umbrella

Get Your Brand Noticed with Custom Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a necessity when you live in a rainy climate. Why not take advantage of that by using promotional umbrellas to increase visibility for your business? Custom printed umbrellas are an innovative and effective way to get your brand seen by thousands of potential customers.

Benefits of Logo Imprinted Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas offer many perks compared to other giveaway items:

  • High visibility - Your logo is front and center whenever the umbrellas are in use. Umbrellas grab attention on rainy pavements¬†and streets.
  • Useful and practical - Recipients will appreciate receiving a useful item they are likely to use frequently. Useful promos get used more!
  • Affordable - Umbrellas are an affordable option to maximize your marketing budget. They offer a big branding impact for a relatively low cost per unit.
  • Extended exposure - People tend to hang onto umbrellas for years! Your branding gets long term visibility compared to items that are quickly discarded.

Tips for Maximizing Your Custom Umbrellas

Follow these tips to get the best ROI from logo imprinted umbrellas:

  • Choose bright, bold colors that stand out. Vibrant colors paired with your logo attract more eyes.
  • Pick an oversized design for even more real estate to display your branding.
  • Include your slogan, website, or event details on the panels for helpful info.
  • High quality umbrellas hold up better long-term. Upgrade to automatic open styles.
  • Hand out umbrellas at community events, trade shows, or as employee gifts.

Stand out from the crowd with functional and memorable promotional umbrellas. Every rainy day is chance for your business to get noticed! Contact us today to get custom branded umbrellas for your next marketing campaign.

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