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Can a promotional umbrella help to boost my sales?

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As we tentatively emerge from Covid-19 once again, business will slowly start  to get back onto its feet and the search for new customers begins once again.

Many questions arise as to how the future business landscape will look in the post Coronavirus era, such as will the marketing ideas that worked previously work once again?.

With many events and exhibitions cancelled for the foreseeable future, businesses will look to find new opportunities to advertise and seek exposure for their brands.

Whilst the promotional industry has seen a general drop in demand for the more traditional items such as pens, mugs and other giveaways, umbrellas are currently bucking the trend.

One of the very few positive aspects of the pandemic has been the increased appetite for daily outdoor exercise amongst the general population, and the trend seems to have continued as the lock down measure have been relaxed.

With the Autumn and Winter months just over the horizon, the usual accompanying inclement weather is sure to follow which may help to explain the increase in umbrella sales. 

It is generally understood that well designed batch of promotional umbrellas can offer significant benefits in terms of brand exposure and having your message seen by the maximum number of people.

Maybe now is the time to take a closer look into the many options available to turn your staff or existing customers into the ultimate walking billboard!

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