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Why do Promotional Golf Umbrellas vary so much in price? We have the answers.

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Why do Promotional Golf Umbrellas vary so much in price?

Printed golf umbrellas

This is another question that we get asked an awful lot!

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, but the answer to this can usually be explained by the frame or the print choices.

Umbrella frames

The standard frame on a budget golf umbrella will usually be made from steel which sounds impressive on the face of it, however when we look a little closer this is not always the case. While the hollow steel pole isn't always the problem, the twin fluted ribs are usually are the first to be compromised in the event of a strong wind and here lies the issue. While fibreglass provides much more flexibility, a twin fluted rib can bend out of shape and no longer support the canopy.

Whilst we have had budget golf umbrellas that have lasted for years, strong winds can prove their downfall and something that should be avoided with the model.

The flip side to this is the fibreglass frame. As mentioned earlier, fibreglass provides a greater degree of flexibilty and offers a much more durable solution in general. Whilst these types of frames are a little more expensive, you will receive a product with a much longer expected useful lifespan.

The print:

The print or the logo can also significantly affect the overall price per unit of a promotional golf umbrella...or any umbrella come to think of it.

Single colour printed golf umbrella

A simple one colour printed logo will always offer a low cost price of entry into owning a bespoke umbrella. Whilst an increase in the number of panels printed will affect the cost slightly, its not really significant enough to dent that all important budget. 

All over printed golf umbrella

At the other end of the scale, an all over, full colour printed design could increase the costs significantly. Something like the design above involves an uplift in production costs both in time and materials which can ultimately culminate in a higher unit cost. The huge plus of proceeding down this route however is that with the right design, the finished product can be hugely eye catching and provide a massive boost to your business.

So there you have it, the 2 main reasons for the price variations in promotional golf umbrellas. The good news is that whatever your budget, we have options to cover all possible price points and can help you to find that perfect printed umbrella for your business.

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