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Classic Branded Umbrellas - go for the traditional look!

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The term classic branded umbrellas is the most common description of the traditional promotional walking umbrellas.

This type of umbrella will almost certainly have a high quality wooden crook handle and is often associated with the city gentleman and that certain traditional look.

Classic Branded Umbrellas

Whilst many of the high quality wood crook handle classic umbrellas that we produce are for high end hotels and related establishments, we also provide them to a many other customers. The most popular models such as the Corporate Gents Walking Umbrella and the Auto City Classic Deluxe perfectly combine the traditional classic look with the strength and quality of a storm proof fibreglass frame umbrella, something which is not always seen in the style.

Classic Branded Umbrellas

More than any other type of umbrella, traditional high spec umbrellas are the models most in demand. Whilst we do offer other mid range options, the value can be found in high end classic branded umbrella range and we are finding that more and more clients are leaning towards quality options.

For more information please view our full range at the link above or call one of our advisers free on 0800-085-5553.

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