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Corporate Umbrellas - Make a big impression.

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Corporate Umbrellas

For many years Corporate umbrellas have been handed out by large financial institutions as gifts to anyone who has the inclination to sign up to one of their products or services. Insurance companies for example, use branded umbrellas as an inducement to take out car or home insurance with them, a very generous gift indeed. The flip side is that you are now inadvertently acting as a giant walking bill board for them, but still, the free umbrella is keeping you dry. As they say, an umbrella always comes in handy.

Corporate Umbrellas London

Corporate umbrellas come in many different colours and sizes, starting with compact folding umbrellas with the smallest canopy. The least cumbersome of all, these nifty little umbrellas can be folded down and stored in a bag or briefcase, perfect for the city centre.

Walking umbrellas are somewhere in the middle. With the durability of a fixed pole, and slightly larger canopy than a campact, these strike the perfect balance in busy city centres such as London, Manchester or Birmingham.

By far the most popular is the branded golf umbrella. With the largest canopy of the 3, this is certain the keep you dry on the most miserable of days. With a wide variety of price points, and a miriad of customisable features, you are sure to be able to design the perfect umbrella for you.

Corporate events such as golf days are also the perfect setting in which to hand out a branded umbrella. Often used for prizes or given to prized clients, you can be sure that they will be well received.

The bottom line is this, corporate umbrellas act as business statements. If your idea is to make a lasting impression whilst furthering your brand, then a branded umbrella is the perfect solution for your next marketing campaign.

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