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How to choose your Promotional Umbrellas

At Promotional Umbrellas we have to remind ourselves that many of our customers are ordering for the first time. Whilst we know what each umbrella model offers and the limitations and advantages of the different umbrellas, it is impossible for the vast majority of our customers to know the best model to choose to fit their needs and budget. Whilst we are always available for advice over email or on the phone, we thought it would be helpful to give customers a few pointers so they can at least narrow down the options and make selecting their ideal promotional umbrellas an easier task.

Trying to get into the mind of a first time customer, our experience tells us that the two bits of information most customers will know are the umbrella colour they want and the size (golf, walking or folding). It may be that a customer only knows one of these variables when they initially start looking at our website or call us. If the colour is a popular colour, then this opens up the options available. For example if a customer wants a navy golf umbrella that is good quality then we would automatically suggest a stock umbrella such as the Deco Storm Golf Umbrella, the Cyclone Auto Vented Golf Umbrella or the Manchester Storm Golf Umbrella. In a common colour, a stock umbrella (as opposed to an umbrella with a canopy sewn to order) will always offer you the best value. If the colour is less common, such as all pink, or purple and white then we would move into the made to order umbrellas such as the Bedford Golf Umbrella, the Sheffield Sports Golf Umbrella or the ProBrella Golf Umbrella. This system will work just the same for walking and folding umbrellas.

We have tried to do everything we can to make the selection of your promotional umbrellas as easy as possible. We have a key on each umbrella showing the stock colours they are available in and also given a short description of the advantages of each model. Whilst it is impossible to explain all the factors on our website, you can definitely narrow down the options and in some cases confidently place an order without needing any of our experts input.

After umbrella colour and type, the next variable a customer may have set in stone is the print. Using golf umbrellas as an example again, if a customer knows they want a 1 colour logo to 4 panels then any of our umbrellas is an option. If they have a full colour logo then there are some umbrellas that will offer better value than others. We offer unlimited print colours on some umbrellas meaning you will not pay any more for a full colour print than you would on a 1 colour print. Examples of such umbrellas are the Cyclone Auto Vented Golf Umbrella, the Manchester Storm Golf Umbrella, the Auto Storm Golf Umbrella, the Automatic Corporate Gents Walking Umbrella, the Deluxe Inner Rain Umbrella and the Deluxe Inner Cloud Umbrella. All of these are umbrellas we would recommend if they fit in with the umbrella style and colour you want, and you have a logo that has more than 2 colours in it.

The final factor we find customer often know they want is an all over canopy print or a Pantone matched canopy. If this is the case then the options are narrowed down to a few umbrella models. In the golf section the umbrella we always recommend is the Atlantic Storm Golf Umbrella due to it quality and second to none print options. Also available for this type of printing are the ProBrella Golf Umbrella and the Sheffield Sports Golf Umbrella. In the walking size we can offer all over canopy printing and Pantone matching on the Auto City Classic Deluxe, the Automatic Corporate Gents Walking Umbrella and the Fashion Walking Umbrella if you need a fast production time. Finally the Atlantic Folding Deluxe is the very best option for an all over canopy print in the telescopic folding umbrella section.

Hopefully this guide will help you to narrow down the options available to find your ideal promotional umbrellas. Whilst we do try to make our website as user friendly as possible, there is sometimes no substitute for picking up the phone and getting expert advice. We are fully aware that umbrellas can often be a major purchase, so you want to know you are getting the best umbrella for your needs and budget. We love the process of finding a customer their ideal umbrella, so please do pick up the phone (with our new 0800 number it is free now!) and tell us what your requirements are. Visit our website Promotional Umbrellas

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