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Mini Sports Micro Folding Umbrella - One of the smallest ever printed umbrellas?

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The Mini Sports Micro Folding Umbrella is a wind proof, extremely light and very very small umbrella, when folded - just 22cm!

Perfect for handbags, a briefcase or even a coat pocket. The Mini Sports Micro Folding Umbrella bucks the trend of the smallest umbrellas being weak. 

This umbrella is the highest quality of its type we have ever seen or sold. The Mini Sports Micro Folding is a genuine step up from previous micro umbrellas in quality, look and feel. 

As with the other umbrellas in the Mini Sports range, the quality for the price is fantastic. As you would expect, these fantastic little umbrellas are available in a choice of 11 colours including very popular bright colours such as yellow, pink and purple.

Whilst priced to compete with our other telescopic folding umbrellas, we think that the Micro Folding is so well priced that it makes the budget end of the folding range almost obsolete. Looking at umbrellas available on the promotional market, we can see only our Supermini Folding Umbrella as a cheaper option. The quality, look and feel of the Mini Sports Micro Folding is so much better that we would recommend it.

For any advice on this or any other umbrellas is our range, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are the experts in promotional umbrellas.

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