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Logo Umbrellas - why getting your branding right is the key to success

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Logo Umbrellas

When you are considering an umbrella for your marketing campaign, it is essential to get your branding absolutely right.

The first port of call is usually to choose the umbrella size and to look into the range of colours that are available that will compliment your logo or corporate image. As with many products, your budget is also key.

Do you go for a high quality umbrella and order fewer units, or, go for a lesser quality but have more to give out to your customers and clients.

Logo Umbrellas - choosing the right umbrella is key to your campaign success

Once the budget is decided, and the choice of Golf, Walking or Compact style has been made, if it important to choose an umbrella that works with your design or logo. For example, if your corporate logo is black, then you really don't want to be using an umbrella with a black canopy. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised about the number of times that this is requested. 

Do you want to go for maximum impact, or should you be more subtle?

A stand out design can be loud and brash or more tastefully curated. Whilst a loud bold red font would stand out on a white umbrella, shouting your message across the street, would anybody actually use it? Maybe, but probably not if the choice is between this and something a little more subtle.

Whilst a well known brand is always welcome, a smaller lesser known entity has to be a little more circumspect at the design stage. Choosing a canopy colour that fits in with the brand is a great starting point, then adding your logos to 1,2 or 4 panels is a very popular way to proceed.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our team of friendly designers will help you to achieve your prefect umbrella design with our free proofing service. We feel that it is important to give you the best possible idea of what you will receive before the umbrellas are produced and delivered.

For further information to achieve the perfect logo umbrella or corporate umbrella, please feel free to explore our online catalogue, or call 0800-085-5553.


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