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What is a Stormproof Umbrella? A buyers guide to avoid the pitfalls.

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If you're struggling to navigate your way through the stormproof umbrella market then look no further, our handy guide below tells you all that you need to know.

Stormproof Umbrellas are typically made with a fibreglass frame which allows a degree of flexibility in the ribs or spokes as they are also known during windy conditions. Conversely, many of the cheaper steel ribbed umbrellas, (especially the versions with u shaped ribs single or double) are widely used but are not storm proof and shouldn't really be used if the wind picks up. Once bent, the umbrella is rendered useless. 

Storm damaged umbrella

As with most promotional merchandise, there are many price points when it comes to corporate umbrellas especially when it comes to stormproof umbrellas. Whilst generally seen as a higher quality option, not all fibreglass frames are the equal.

At the lower end of the market, fibreglass ribs are combined with a steel pole which is still a popular option and are generally available in a good range of colours. Whilst a much better option than steel ribs, a fibreglass pole is the much prefered in most cases.

Styles such as the Probrella Golf Umbrella are available with an oversized 16mm diameter fibreglass pole and fibreglass ribs which gives a very strong stormproof offering. When combined with a vented canopy, the resulting umbrella is a formidable option when faced with the strong winds that we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Probrella vented golf umbrella

One common misconception that is worth mentioning here is that we are often asked for "an umbrella that won't blow inside out".

Whilst true that when many steel framed umbrellas are blown inside out the frame is usually broken, the same cannot be said for a good quality stormproof umbrella. Umbrellas at the higher end of the market should blow inside out when the pressure of the wind exceeds the frames limit to protect the integrity of the frame, but more importantly should also simply fold back into position too. Lets face it, if the wind was particularly strong and the frame didn't perform in this way, then there is a fair chance that an injury could occur or equally the umbrella could become very difficult to hold onto.

Strong gusts of wind can be a very common occurrence in city centres such as Manchester, Birmingham or London. The close proximity of office blocks and other tall buildings channels the wind and forms localised gusts often much stronger than the normal wind speeds. This is where w vented umbrella can help by reducing this effect.

Navigating the many stormproof umbrellas available on the promotional merchandise market can be a nightmare, adding to the fact that many of the umbrellas look pretty much the same to the uninitiated.

Here at Promotional Umbrellas we have a friendly team on hand to help and guide you through the myriad of options available, and to help you to find the perfect branded umbrella.

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