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Over the years, many of our blog posts are centred around introducing umbrellas and parasols from our range, but our varied and great value range is only part of why we believe Promotional Umbrellas are the best choice.


Whilst it is easy to find numerous suppliers of printed umbrellas to purchase your company's promotional umbrellas from, you may notice that the vast majority are offering the same umbrellas at similar prices.

What we also find is that when asking for information or opinions on different models you will notice that their knowledge may be sketchy at best. Why? Because these suppliers treat umbrellas like any other piece of promotional merchandise such as pens, mugs, calculators and rulers.

They buy them printed by a trade supplier and just mark the price up. Whilst there is nothing wrong with, you are paying an inflated price for the product and from a person or company that will never see or touch the product that you are buying. Food for thought.

How can you get the correct product and expert advice from a person who has never seen the product and only knows what it tells them in a catalogue.

Why are we any different? The main factor is that 90% of the umbrellas and parasols we sell are stocked by us and printed by us. We know our products inside out and therefore when we receive an enquiry we quote on what we believe is the best umbrella for our customers' needs and requirements.

The other 10% of our umbrellas are bought from trade suppliers as many of our competitors will do, but because we specialise in umbrellas we know the products and how these compare to the rest of our range, and as you will see, we will offer these umbrellas at lower prices than all of our competitors. In short we don't like to brag but we know everything there is to know about umbrellas!

An umbrella is a more expensive and complicated product than a mug or a pencil or a mouse mat. Our business is based on knowing our products, offering expert knowledge and value for money. We feel that we consistently do this better than any other supplier, and our returning customer rate tells us our clients are happy with what we offer.

Maybe the Pro Brella or the Sheffield Sports or the Spectrum Sports is the best umbrella for you, but how will you know if you are not offered any alternatives? What's the worst that can happen? You get a better umbrella cheaper? You pay less for the same umbrella that you have already had?

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