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At Promotional Umbrellas we supply our printed umbrellas and parasols both nationally and internationally. Based in Manchester we naturally service a lot of the demand for promotional umbrellas Manchester. Year on year we see growth not only nationally but also in our home city of Manchester. We attribute this continued success to providing a great service and offering a high quality and crucially varied product range.


Along with all Manchester residents, we are fully aware of the reputation we have for experiencing large amounts of rain. Perhaps this also plays a part in our continued high levels of business in in Manchester too! As a vibrant and bustling city we are very proud of our Manchester roots and we actively seek new business to add to our promotional umbrellas Manchester portfolio.

As with most busy cities, we sell a varied type of umbrellas in Manchester. Whilst as always the majority of our business is in golf umbrellas, we have also noticed trends, particularly in with city centre businesses, of them wanting walking and folding umbrellas. This trend can be seen elsewhere in the UK as folding umbrellas particularly become higher quality and therefore more fashionable. 

Manchester's location means we also benefit from large wide open spaces, so the demand for the very highest quality golf umbrellas will always be there.

One last thing, whilst Manchester's reputation for rain will always be there, we do get a fair amount of sun too believe it or not! To cater for this we would also like to point out that we stock a wide range of bar and pub parasols too!.

If you are based in Manchester and are looking for a local supplier of promotional umbrellas printed with your company logo, look no further. It just so happens that one of the UK's largest supplier is on your doorstep! Click on the following link to visit our online store promotional umbrellas Manchester. Give us a call to let us know your requirements or send us an email. You will be amazed how much we know about umbrellas!

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