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Promotional Umbrellas = Low cost walking advertising billboards!

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Promotional Umbrellas

Every (rain!) cloud has a silver lining for your company advertising.

On average, it rains 133 days a year in the UK, although it feels like a lot more at the moment!

Whilst not many of us can say we genuinely love the rain, it can be great for your company and brand awareness. Promotional umbrellas are effectively walking billboards for your business, a huge logo moving around busy streets for all to see especially in places such as Manchester, Birmingham or London. The exposure in the advertising context is worth thousands and thousands of pounds. Why would any UK company not have promotional umbrellas with their logo on, they work significantly better than most other promotional merchandise!

There is no better product to get your company name and logo out there. Just walking along a busy high street with an umbrella branded with your company logo will gain hundreds of conscious or unconscious impacts. Is there a more cost effective way to gain so many impacts?

The flexibility we offer here at Promotional Umbrellas, in terms of umbrella type, design, colour etc is unrivalled. Through our experience and knowledge gained through years of designing, printing and producing promotional umbrellas we know what is required to produce the best and most effective promotional umbrellas.

From stock umbrellas already made up in popular colours, to umbrellas made in your specific colours, to an all over canopy print. At Promotional Umbrellas we can offer any options and advise on the what is best for your company, logo and budget.

We offer promotional golf umbrellas, promotional walking umbrellas, promotional folding umbrellas, auto opening umbrellas, micro umbrellas, crook handle umbrellas, luxury umbrellas, budget umbrellas, storm proof umbrellas. We Pantone match all prints, we can Pantone match the umbrella panels as well as offering 3 different printing techniques that means we can offer any design.

Over 100 standard panel colour options, with pantone matching and digital all-over print also possible on orders from just 25 umbrellas. We even offer a 24 hour service where your printed umbrellas are despatched within 24 hours of you ordering!

Environmentally friendly umbrellas are available, with canopies made from 100% recycled PET, a material that started life as plastic bottles.

Promotional umbrellas are your experts in promotional umbrellas, branded umbrellas, logo umbrellas, branded brollies – whatever you choose to call them – we’ve got you covered!

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